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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

How can you make your lockdown birthday different and memorable?

Big plans are always made to celebrate this momentous day. However, COVID has taken away so many celebrations including the big B- Day. But you don’t have to let corona suck the joy out of everything. We need to think of a different way to celebrate, we can celebrate via apps like zoom and house party, we can have virtual drinks and we can still celebrate the big day in style – it may be ‘lockdown' style but let’s be honest this will probably be the most memorable birthday ever. We have seen people order in afternoon teas, feasting platters or movie night boxes to help mark the occasion. Pretty’s sweets are here to make your lockdown celebration that extra bit memorable. The delight on the birthday boy or girls face when they receive one of our boxes is priceless. We can include balloons with our boxes if you want to be that little bit extra!

Lockdown treats for all?

Girls and Boys?

The thing with sweets is we all love them don’t we! We have unicorn and LOL SURPISE boxes for the girls a lil fizzle box for boys and the rest of our boxes are suited to everyone across all ages. Our most popular box is ‘The Candy Shop’ box but all of our boxes are equally beautiful take a look….

New baby?

Pregnancy announcement? New baby? All during lockdown? We will not be letting corona take the joy away from the miracle of life. And at Pretty’s Sweets we have got you covered we have bespoke boxes for a baby girl the Hopes and dreams and the baby boy box are ‘The got milk’ one.

Dietary requirements?

We have got you covered…

Why pick and mix boxes are your perfect treat if your VEGAN, VEGETARIAN or require a GLUTEN FREE DIET. We have even done a braces friendly box so that the sweets don’t get stuck in the braces.

Bespoke Boxes

We love to create bespoke boxes for our customers, so any specific requirements you have just drop us an email and we can build a box that’s perfect for you and your occasion.

View our full collection here

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