Sweets boxes with a story...

"I believe that out of darkness, there will always be light. I created these sweet boxes to bring happiness to people at a time when everything around us just seemed so negative."

Founded during lockdown in 2020, Pretty's Sweets was a way for one young lady to lift people's spirits and bring something fun and happy to peoples lives during a period of time when many were feeling isolated, frustrated and downbeat.

The lockdown period meant that many friends and family weren't able to meet loved ones; mums and dads, sons and daughters, grandparents, grandchildren, aunties, uncles... it was a tough time for everyone.

Zoom calls, Facetime and WhatsApp provided us with some relief, but there was a desire for people to show their nearest and dearest they were thinking of them with something more tangible. They wanted to send them something that would cheer them up, bring a smile to their face and help them remember that all this was only temporary.

Pretty, who herself had been in isolation with her family and hadn't seen her own parents for the best part of 4 months, is a positive person. She is the first to see the glass half full. But even she was feeling the strain. And she knew she had to do something, both to help herself and to help others.

And so, combining her own love of sweets with a passion for creativity and some entrepreneurial flair...

Pretty's Sweets was born.

Fun Fact: Pretty's favourite sweets are fizzy bubble gum flavoured bottles. Although she's got a huge sweet tooth, she doesn't like chocolate...

I know, her husband couldn't believe it either.